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德祖也太有錢了,為了討Paris Hilton的歡心,他再次出擊,這次與美國鉅富在巴黎夜總會「拼酒」,結果他以200萬歐元勝出,投標最多瓶頂級香檳。



劉德祖最近花的836萬令吉,令到Paris Hilton很開心,馬上送他一個香吻。


Paris Hilton and Taek Jho Low Dating

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Paris Hilton Taek Jho Low Dating

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – British news claims Paris Hilton and Taek Jho Low are dating. Taek Jho Low (pictures below) hosted Paris Hilton and her sister on a stunning yacht off Sardinia, Italy. But while on board, Hilton got photographed with her top off by paparazzi.

Hilton has now responded to the pictures published this weekend. “Note to Self – Beware. You never know when some perv paparazzi may be lurking and hiding on a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean. (sic)”. Hilton doesn’t mention Low in her tweets but calls the boat “heaven on water”.

Taek Jho Low Pictures
Taek Jho Low Photo 1
Taek Jho Low Photo 2

Paris continued to boast about the yacht. “Our yacht is incredible! Has its own pool, hot tub, movie theatre, recording studio, spa/massage room, gym, arcade room, helicopter pad and the most beautiful bedrooms and decor. I’m in Heaven on the water. Definitely the biggest and best yacht everywhere we go. Loves it! Huge… Another beautiful day in paradise! What more could a girl ask for? (sic)”

She added: “Just finished shopping in town at Prada, Versacce, Roberto Cavalli and some really cute little boutiques. Back to the yacht later for movie night! (sic)”

In recent weeks, Hilton has been linked incorrectly to Paul Iacono and even Reggie Bush. The Iacono story was one created by Hilton herself. Paul’s series is from David Katzenberg who is the longtime boyfriend of Nicky Hilton. In advance of the series premiere, Paris twittered her encounter with Iacono, and twitpic’d it with the caption: “I met the man of my dreams tonight… My new boy toy is hot”.


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